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Presque Isle, Erie PA

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Race Info & Course

The Boston Marathon


In reference to The Boston Marathon, we do not know which year or years The Erie Marathon will qualify you for. We find out when The Boston Athletic Association makes their announcement to the general public. The fastest way for you to find out is to Click Here to see the Official Boston Athletic Association Website. If the information is not there yet, you will need to keep checking back until it is. The BAA does not give any running organization advance notice. We find out when you find out.

General Information


Everything happens at Presque Isle State Park. For parking instructions, scroll down. The Erie Runners Club Pavilion (near Beach 1, close to the Presque Isle State Park entrance) hosts the race packet pickup, start and finish for the marathon, race vendors, post-race activities and awards pick up. It is also the site for race participant bag check. The Erie Runners Club Pavilion is approximately .5 miles inside the park from the main (and only) entrance. As soon as you pass Sara’s Eatery on the right side of the road, you will see the park entrance straight ahead.

Since there are no mailing addresses on the park, we are using the address for Sara’s Eatery as an easy reference point. It is 25 Peninsula Drive, Erie, PA 16505. You will see the park entrance straight ahead after you pass Sara’s on the right. Click Here to use Google Maps to get you from your current location to the Sara’s Eatery/Presque Isle State Park entrance. Once you get to the park entrance, there is only one road that goes on to the peninsula. So, navigation is easy.

Cell Phone Users

Please note that once you proceed onto the peninsula, cell phone coverage may be limited or non-existent depending on your carrier and physical location inside the park.


Drones are illegal on Presque Isle State Park. Any racer participating in use of a drone will be immediately disqualified from the Erie Marathon. Any racer or spectator participating in use of a drone will be turned in to park police. Drones are a safety issue for racers, spectators and park visitors. For more information, you are welcome to contact the Presque Isle State Park directly at 814.833.7424

Participant Amenities

+ Aid stations with Gatorade (drink) located approximately every 1-2 miles.
+ Race premium and medal guaranteed to all participants.
+ Timing system by Runners High – bib has integrated chip timing.
+ Bag check available at start/finish area - if possible with the construction situation in the parking lot.
+ Erie Marathon medals are available to all finishers at the finish line.
+ Post-race activities sponsored in part by Subway.
+ Professional medical staff at the Beach One/Erie Runners Club Pavilion along with volunteers patrolling the course on bicycles to assist with minor injuries.
+ Professional photo service, TSC Graphics, will take photos of all finishers and make them available for purchase at a few days following race day.
+ Five year age group awards with result posted on site with online results available post-race.
+ Please note: Final race results will be posted and sent to Boston.
+ The course is USATF certified and can be used for other event qualifying standards such as the Boston Marathon.

Disqualification Details

The Erie Runners Club seeks to provide a great race experience. We take the integrity of our race seriously. Results are provided to the Boston Athletic Association in a timely manner to enable our qualifying participants to apply to The Boston Marathon if they choose to. Therefore, we take disqualification seriously.

We report race imposters and course cutting to all major marathon organizations. The Boston Marathon has banned Race Imposters and Course Cutters for Life in recent years. The following is a list of activities that will get you disqualified from our race, resulting in getting you disqualified for the Boston Marathon, among other major races.

Disqualifying Activities

1. Having another racer run on your behalf. (Race Imposter)
Photo Identification is required to pick up your packet – Sorry, no exceptions.
2. Cutting the course short.
3. Not wearing your bib front and center on your shirt.
4. Having a non-race participant run with you.
5. Having another person bike, skateboard, etc. alongside you.
6. Having another person drive alongside you.
7. Having a dog run with you.
8. Not obeying road marshals and park rangers instructions.

Spectators, it is prohibited to drive alongside your racer. If you drive alongside your racer, he or she will be disqualified immediately.

Race Pacing

The Erie Marathon will have race pacing handled by the experienced pace team from Marathon Pacing. Every effort will be made to have a full slate of pacers, but pacer attendance varies due to availability of qualified individuals who are willing to pace our race. Click Here for details

Course History

This is a course where you can make history for yourself with a fast time by using all of the favorable conditions (flat, paved surface, shade, moderate climate and plenty of aid stations) to your benefit.

Please review any map of Presque Isle State Park, we will run 2 loops of the park using the old lake road and the main road.  It is certified to meet all Boston Marathon Qualifying Requirements

The Erie Marathon course starts at the Beach One/Erie Runners Club Pavilion and heads away from the park entrance. Race participants will run facing traffic, allowing for better awareness; and a safer race.

Due to the reversal of the course in 2017, the legendary hairpin turn near the entrance to the park occurs close to the halfway mark during the race instead close to the first mile.  This has effectively eliminated the race start congestion that had been a source of difficulty in past years.  We’ve seen an increase in PR’s and BQ’s.  In part, due to these course changes. 

Please note that all Erie Marathon participants must finish in approximately 6 hours. This works out to a 13.75 minute mile. You will need to maintain this pace at the minimum to remain on the race course. Road reopening starts mile 14 at about the 3 hour, 14 minute mark. Our race is held inside Presque Isle State Park and the time limit for road closure is decided by the state park management. If you exceed the time limit, you can still finish and receive a medal, but the course will be closed, the roads will reopen to traffic and you must complete your race by running on the all-purpose trail near the road. Exact timing for the roads to reopen is at the sole discretion of the park. *Please note that it is a privilege for the ERC to be able to utilize Presque Isle State Park. We feel fortunate to have access to this amazing natural resource for our races. We work hard to maintain a great working relationship with park management and employees and appreciate your understanding about the rules and guidelines set forth for a safe and enjoyable race.

Course Map and Rules

Traffic on the park is maintained throughout the race, so be aware of possible hazards. For most of the race, runners are in the left lane, traffic in the right lane. At the few intersections where runners must cross traffic, road marshals will be present. Please follow their instructions.

There are 14 restrooms along the course - basically all of the buildings you will pass have or are restrooms. There will also be Porta-Johns placed at key locations along the course. Remember that there are more than 350 volunteers out there on race day to ensure that you have a great race. We couldn’t do it without them. Please be courteous.


Adequate free parking will be available at Waldameer Amusement Park and The Tom Ridge Center. Be aware that parking is not permitted on the road side inside the park. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed by park police.

Packet Pickup Parking – Saturday of race weekend. Parking will be available at the Beach One/Erie Runners Club Pavilion for Saturday activities beginning at noon. However, on race day this area becomes our start and finish line area and parking will not be available in this immediate area on race day.

Race Day Parking – Sunday of race weekend.  Adequate free parking will be available at the Tom Ridge Center and Waldameer Park at the top of the hill before you get to the park entrance. 

If you leave it, thank you. We donate it.

The Erie Marathon is fortunate to have use of Presque Isle State Park.  We work very hard keep the park clean and free of any debris.  Any clothing left at the start line or anywhere else on the course or in the park is collected and donated to local charities here in Erie.  The start area and first mile or two are cleaned up immediately after the start of the race.  The rest is cleaned up during and after the race.  Please use our free bag drop for any items that you wish to keep.


Erie Marathon runners at the start of the race. Erie Marathon Race volunteers manning one of our 13 water stops. The Winner of the Erie Marathon crosses the finish line and qualifies for Boston Marathon.